Payment Error

Thank you for your interest in purchasing from MonkeyWebApps...

The reason why your purchase has been blocked today will be for one of the below qualifiers and our company policy is to not make exceptions or reversals in these matters.

We operate a 3-tier blacklist system:

  1. Anyone refunding products in a manner we determine has displayed evidence or pattern of serial refunding behavior, or anyone abusing the PayPal dispute system to obtain refunds without first contacting support to resolve minor issues.
  2. Peer Network blacklisting, we leverage the blacklists of all other vendors and choose to not accept purchasers that have already been blacklisted by other vendors.

    For example: JVZoo allows vendors to set their "blacklist level" to a number they want to use. For example 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc. Let's say someone chooses 5 as their number. If you as the buyer are on 5 other vendors' blacklist as someone they do not want buying their products, then you're going to get blocked from buying that product, too. And you are also blocked from anyone on the network that has their level set to 5 or below.
  3. Global blacklisting, our processor identifies serial refunders and blocks them from making purchases from vendors across the whole network